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20 responses to “Audi A1 Sportback Hybrid”

  1. PunjabiBoi

    WoW.. this baby is amazing!! i’d love to have this in Black -_-

  2. kevin Falk

    I got to have this!
    Hope the interior becomes a little less ‘CONCEPTY’ though.

  3. M

    Interesting… I like it

  4. Shawn Himmelberger

    Finally a nice looking hybrid, Audi FTW!

  5. jaimen

    I hope that they include a stick with this purchase……… to beat OFF all the bitches who wannnna ride!!!

  6. kurt

    I’m with this guy. This thing is crazy! I’m thinkin black for my black ass! BITCHES BE SMOKIN!!!!

  7. andre

    Hybrids, etc…green world, and they still creating concept cars with 4 seats… it’s nice, but sounds bad 4 the future.

  8. No_limits70

    Equivalently, is a complex 1-form on the modular curve . ,

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