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14 responses to “Non-toxic Taggers Strike”

  1. everydaytrash

    Rock on. That tank cozy is phenomenal.

  2. Greenpointer


    Amazing stuff!!!

  3. Mandy

    Great photos! Just fyi, though… Knitta is one yarn graffiti group of many (the first and most famous), and I’m quite sure that none of the works shown were done by them. :)

  4. Debbie

    Except some of them are crochet

  5. christina

    i am so taking my knitting needles to the tree out in front of my apartment! It needs some knitted love.

  6. sarah

    i dont remember exacty what for but those penguin sweaters actually had a purpose. i think it was to keep them warm after they got spilled oil cleaned off

  7. pink skittles

    Awwww…the birdies have sweaters.

  8. Linda

    How the heck did they do the tree?

  9. Knelia

    sarah, you’re right. I think it was Greenpeace that requested people to knit sweaters for the penguins. They (the penguins that is) had lost their natural fat coating after having been cleaned. This was necessary, as they had been covered with oil that was spilled by a damaged tanker.
    The helpers had to use a detergent to get the oil off, but this also dissolved the penguins’ natural fatty protection on their fur/feathers, which is there to keep the water out (the fat or grease prevents the fur/feathers from sucking up water, thus keeping the penguins warm).
    The animals were supposed to wear the sweaters until they had recovered their natural greasy protection. Greenpeace actually published the knitting pattern. They do look a bit silly, don’t they :)

  10. a knitter

    sure hope you didn’t use the yarn made from petroleum – ha ha check out lys for organic and usa made the dog sweater

  11. Amy

    it’s lovely, but it’s also littering. there are also now going to be random animals with string foreign bodies and entanglements if the “taggers” don’t clean up later.

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