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4 responses to “The Furby’s Not Extinct”

  1. rcjordan

    >that late 90’s fad is extinct

    Nope, the furby’s not extinct, either. As a long-time fan of consumer-oriented AI, we still have one alive and well. He’s activated by the grandkids every holiday season, they love him.

  2. Matt


    Another amazing discovery!

  3. Sam

    Yep… ahem.. I have one. It still works. I put the batteries in every so often to check… I still remember waiting in line at FAO Schwartz in NYC for 3 hours to shell out 40 bucks for mine and buy the max (4) for several of my friends.

  4. taco

    OOMMMGGGGGG!!!! that is sooo crazyy they are so cute!!! lol i want one!! :]]

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