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10 responses to “You've Got Dog Hair All Over You”

  1. Kate

    Wow, I do not know what to think of this. But, I guess no one can get angry at you for wearing a fur coat and it is probably really warm! Does it smell funny?

    Thank you for the great post!

  2. beryl dean

    looking for some one to knit a sweater from dog hair for my friend

  3. BG

    What about cat fur?

  4. Eleonora ten Brink

    Cat fur too can be done into sweaters, but has to be mixed, like with cotton or wool.

  5. deborah

    i would crochet a sweater for someone out of dog hair i just dont know how to spin dogs hair i really want to learn but if the yarn is already done i will crochet a sweater for someone, i sell things i crochet.

  6. sam iam

    thanks for all the great info on dog hair yarn making!
    ! am saving my Beau’s hair now to do this. He is an Austrailian Red Heeler (also called a ‘Queensland Biter’ from the old country) and has beautiful red hair. i plan to make a sweater for my other dog Penney the Mountain Feist. She has short hair and could use a warm Beau-hair sweater for the PA winters.
    Great website!!

  7. The Padrino

    Seems like a long process I would go to the vet and ask for shaved hair.

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