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5 responses to “Green Clear Cutting – Aqua Logging”

  1. Bill Patton

    how do you fine some one too buy the old logs if some one wanted too get in this line of work,

  2. victor herczeg

    I would like to know,what type of exotic logs,can be found.And what a rare type would be worth.I live in an old logging town in northern Michigan.Is it possible,there is old sunken logs,around here?

  3. rick burger

    What is this wood used for? I thought once wood got wet like this, it was useless.

  4. Terry Conroy

    Hi Sir

    I also would like to get into this new Aqua Logging

    What can you tell me about this Venture
    I am fully insured
    Proffesional Certified

  5. Beth Buczynski

    Hi Terry,

    My advice would be to visit and simply Google “Aqua Logging.” It seems like there are some permitting and legal issues that you should be aware of before starting this type of endeavor.

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