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5 responses to “A REALLY Inconvenient Truth”

  1. @KSL

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this, I will be spreading the word every way that I can.

  2. jeeeez

    Almost makes it seem pointless. We have no viable options for reversing global warming jsut slowing it down and we can’t even come to a consensus on that!!!

  3. Bill

    Don’t worry. We’ll run out of uranium, oil, gas and coal, eventually.

    Then we won’t be able to burn any more massively powerful FFs, just trees and dung.

  4. casey

    Everybody run, it’s the end of the world! So says the doomsday cult of climate change.

  5. Uncle B

    Truth is, We may face global warming, or even a new ice age, both far beyond our control! What we must concentrate on is survival in light of the facts! Governments, particularly the U.S. government must “free up” patents on super-insulation, super batteries, and all information pertinent to survival in the new reality! Let the government “Pay Off” the Shysters for the information needed to survive the oncoming warm-up, and distribute it freely to the peons who need it to eat, and live another day! Not Capitalistic you say? Capitalism must be modified, it has far too strong a hold on the necks of civilization and may cost America her place in the world! Remember: China is a communist based outfit,do not necessarily respect U.S. patent laws, and we are totally bought out by them at the moment! Expect pressure on us from them soon! Asians are “communal” beasts, unlike ourselves, and hold us in disdain and contempt for our selfish aggressive ways! America is on the threshold of monumental paradigm shift, fueled by lack of cheap oil and the Asian factor, combined with complex weather issues, and no amount of military posturing is going to change the realities of the day! Iran is a moot point, as was Iraq! The same money spent on American soil would have given a much better return on survival. Our Military /industrial complex is forcing us in a very self-destructive direction, and there seems little option! Are we doomed to end in the early 21st century, and split up after severe civil disobedience, into a group of separate smaller countries within our own borders? keep an eye on the ball America, things could get rough with climate change the provocateur of horrors yet to come for you!

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