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19 responses to “StatoilHydro Launches First Full Scale Floating Wind-Turbine”

  1. Zoee Turrill

    How does it not fall over in a big storm? I am sure it has large counterweights, but a big enough wave would probably take it down, and waste the millions of dollars spent building it…This is an exciting step for clean energy though!

  2. Dmytry

    “How does it not fall over…”
    By being really f**** big. Look at the photo closely, read description.

  3. BayouMan

    The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And could the storage batteries really hold all the electricity that would be surge generated in the leading edge of a hurricane or Noreaster?

  4. wendy

    I want to see how well it withstands a hurricane-level storm, myself.
    I’m really for offshore wind in the Gulf of Mexico, but it has to be both robust enough to not be destroyed and anchored well enough not to float off.
    Oil rigs in Katrina were swirled around like floaty toys in a tub…not good for a power source of a major onshore city.

  5. miak

    hurricanes occur in the tropics. the area this wind turbine is way above the tropics….

  6. lloyd

    It never fails to amaze me (maybe I’m easily amazed) by the level of criticism regarding an article such as this. Do you think that the engineers looked at the problems with a floating wind turbine in an offshore environment and didn’t anticipate high winds and huge seas? This is a practical solution to a serious social problem, and good for you for suggesting potential flaws, but hey! Isn’t it great that someone actually got round to building it rather than just hoping the energy demand problem would go away?

  7. Paddy

    An air tight compartment containing weights is what i assume it would be using to combate tipping over during storms. How long until a ship run into this….

    Great idea though, lets hope it goes well.

  8. windturbines

    Read many news about the floating wind turbine in this week. I think the security of floating wind turbine still need the test of times.

  9. Gaëlle Haas

    Goog morning, I work for Panda Magazine (WWF-France). I would like to receive the pictures of the floting windmill in high quality if it’s possible, please. I thank you.
    Best regard, Gaëlle Haas

  10. Uncle B

    long after the peak of the “American Empire” has passed, quiet, thoughtful, conservative environmentally aware folk will take interest in these engineering marvels, and install them off of shorelines, with radio-beacons and GPS locations to be sure, and enjoy the perpetual clean power they promise for small coastal cities and their industries! We will mandate LED lighting and other carefully considered economies and live happily ever after, sans Cadillacs , sans McMansions, sans intolerable immoralities, and without the killing fields for oil, Iraq and Afghanistan to Turkmenistan! Wall Street will no longer influence us, and the Shysters of the past have taught us our lesson! Thank You Norway, and for the bio-gas example of Oslo’s buses, we are indebted to you for your great survival skills and fine applied engineering!

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