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6 responses to “The Sportiest (and Greenest) Camper Ever: The SylvanSport GO”

  1. Baden Powell

    I will return from the grave to beat the snot out of any boyscout found in such a yuppie-mobile! Thitherhence!

  2. Mohinder

    I’m sure with this addition to the hitch of my coated-with-stickers 2007 Subaru wagon, I will look and feel fit and trim. All the world will know just how much of a shit I give about the environment.


  3. iPhonephanboi

    OH PHINALLY1! Does it come in chrome? Is it VW compatible?!~?

  4. Wow

    I don’t get the hate–obviously this is not intended to replace backpacking-type tent camping. But this vs. an RV or camper? Hell yeah! You know, sometimes people want or need a CHOICE, and I think this is a great idea that will find a very large and happy market. I’d take one in a heartbeat–in ADDITION to my rugged backwoods camping gear.

  5. Looks fun

    Why all the snotty remarks?… maybe it’s not for you. Yet. Someday even the haters might not be so “into” sleeping on uneven/damp/hard ground and this is a nice compromise that lets you keep your small car. Don’t forget the value of a utility trailer the other 350+ days of the year that you’re not out in God’s country. My only criticism is the high price. At $3500 I’d seriously consider.

  6. Grath

    If this was $3k it would be in my garage already. Great multi use functionality for both outdoor outings and keeping the home property in order.

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