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10 responses to “Greenaid: Guerrilla Gardening Vending Machines”

  1. Josh

    This is an awesome idea, Send a few to Canada too.

  2. Uncle B

    Seed-bombs full of edibles! Perennial edibles where possible! Tribulations are about to fall on an oil soaked U.S.A. as the Chinese move into the second phase of their economic war against America by varying the valued of the Yuan in their own favor of course! Some asinine Americans see this as a reprieve for their slothful ways by a benevolent China? The fools better learn to tighten their belts as a voracious Yellow tide from Asia gains the power of commerce without the propagandized habituation of the Americans! Food seed bombs will be necessary for holding off starvation in the ‘burbs, where oil will bring premium prices – higher than you can possibly imagine with 1.6 Billion Chinese cash-enabled by a strong Yuan to bid against a weakened, over-manipulated , fiat and untrusted American dollar! Beware the empty gasoline tanks of Asia – they hunger for the American share of this finite world resource! To satisfy them in this new economical struggle we too will have to become vegans, live on veggies and rice and produce more per-capita than we do now! Food-seed bombs will ease the hunger pins as we work towards bigger better solutions in the streets while Washington muses itself with its WWII armaments and go looking for a WWII style battlefield while we starve! Better educated, better bred new breed Asians are after our bounty with economic tools we don’t even understand! Seed bomb to plant food for survival of the few, or seed bomb flowers for the funerals of the many who will not adapt in time! 2013 – the end of the Corporatist American Empire, the end of vicious barracuda BP styled capitalism, the beginning of a new age for mankind – in Mandarin – not in English at all! Bomb veggies and grains not people.

  3. Jonathan

    I completely agree with UncleB. What they are doing with seed bombs is beautiful, and a valuable tool in empowering people. However, food, perhaps introduced after flowers paved the way, so to speak, could be a beautiful way to move this in the future

  4. Arwen

    This might work if only local plants were used. Tossing seeds from foreign plants into an eco-system is like biological terrorism.

  5. Sarah

    @Uncle B

    Don’t worry the world will end in 2012…

    Seed bombs are great ONLY if they are native species….

  6. move out cleaning

    What a kick-ass idea! Gorilla gardening bombs via vending machines.

  7. Growing Parsley Pete

    I wish we had a vending machine like this in my area. this is BLOOMING brilliant

  8. Aaron

    I really love this idea. It is a great feeling to think you have helped spread a little bit of color and joy to the world. However I would suspect that the growth rate on these things is extremely low.

  9. Irene @ SmilingGardener

    Great idea! This is a nice way to spread the idea of planting! Long Live Mother Earth!

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