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2 responses to “World Cup Fans Freak Over Eco-Vuvuzelas Made From Kelp”

  1. Adam Carnegie

    Dear Beth, Thank you for writing the article about our kelp vuvuzelas. We are trying to grow our little business in order to sustain the jobs we have created.
    We believe our natural vuvuzelas are a perfect tool for fundraising for other Environmental organizations. And a brilliant way of drawing attention to specific species.

    We are very keen to increase our network and would love to be of service.
    As an illustrator and graphic designer I can quickly design unique horns.

    At present we have created some for WWF for awareness – “Blow Rhino Poaching Away.” We believe this is just scratching the surface of what we can achieve.

    Like you I believe it is the good news environmental stories that’ll tip the balance towards positive outcomes. And that by working together we can grow and sustain smiles from the centre of our activities.

    Warm regards,
    Adam Carnegie

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