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10 responses to “Future Electric Cars May Be Made Entirely Of Batteries”

  1. Heidi

    Sounds good, but… I hope the resources for those batteries won’t run low and the batteries won’t pose a toxic problem when they expire. I also can’t wait for a good power source to load batteries – Bloomboxes sound good to me.

  2. James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    We are seeing a lot of proposals about pollution, global warming, fossil fuels, and alternative energy sources. I think they are all missing the point. The real problem is too many people on the planet using too much energy. The most basic law of physics is the law of conservation of energy. All energy, from whatever source, eventually becomes heat.

    If you create electricity from hydroelectric plants, cleaner even than nuclear plants, making the electricity creates heat. Turning the turbines creates heat, running the generators creates heat. Transmitting the electricity through wires creates heat from the electrical resistance. Using the electricity creates heat. For that matter, building the dams, turbines, and generators all create heat and often other environmental pollutants.

    It’s an unavoidable law of nature. All energy creation and use makes heat. Reduce the number of people on the planet by maybe 1/2 and most environmental problems are solved.

    Wind energy? The bird kill problem would be solved by a different design for windmills. Vertical axis designs have been demonstrated that are more efficient, do not kill birds, and are cheaper to make. Even so, when you build them and their necessary generators and electronics, you create heat and other pollutants.

    So the real problem is heat pollution, yes, there is accompanying problems of CO2 emissions, particulate pollution and all of the others. Each of those is possible to solve. But the heat pollution will remain and will continue to get worse until the world population is substantially reduced.

  3. Ouroborus

    I’m not sure that putting batteries in the door panels is such a great idea considering how often they get hit.

  4. James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    Ouroborus: I’m happy to see that I am not the only one wondering about this. It seems that it might be OK as far safety goes as there are not caustic chemicals involved. But I have to wonder how expensive that would make fender benders to repair. Aren’t insurance rates high enough now? Why provide them with another excuse to raise them even more?

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