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6 responses to “Biodegradable Bricks Collect Rainwater Automatically”

  1. Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the UK

    Most builders would agree that the LAST thing you want is a brick that absorbs water. Anything damp is also cold – a result of the Latent heat of Evaporation – and here in the uK we certainly don’t want to chill our walls. Penetrating damp is also caused by porous bricks and is a big problem here.
    Rainwater harvesting is essential for any society aiming for sustainability, but use a proper rainwater harvesting system. Rain is clean, free and has a zero carbon footprint – why waste it?

  2. Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Systems

    What happens to the bricks during freezing weather? Surely the ‘freeze/thaw’ will disintegrate them in the same way that it disintegrates stone?

  3. venkatesh

    this topic s nice but i need more information about this topic ………………..

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