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3 responses to “Solar Roads Double As Power Grid”

  1. David Clarke

    Great idea, but what happens when there is a natural disaster like a flood or a serious automobile accident? Point is, if the road is damaged, how can the power continue to be delivered without interruptions? Multiple green power solutions should probably be connected to the grid to be fully prepared if it was affordable.

  2. omega speedmaster

    I think a clear plastic would be a better material for roads than glass. glass is innately hard and brittle while plastic can be more flexible to avoid cracking. Plastic could also be poured onto a surface in a process similar to how they pour tar on roads now. I don’t think it would take much to retrofit the tools for plastic. They could lay a flexible solar panel material down and then pour the clear plastic over it and then texturize the surface with hash marks for grip and channels to run water off of the road.. The could also add color to the plastic for the lines in the road so it is not just the surface that has paint but is part of the road itself and embed the led lights for night time driving. This is a very cool idea.. MAKE IT WORK!

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