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2 responses to “Tesla Roadster Owner Logs 40,000 Miles In One Year”

  1. Stromm

    So what he’s really saying is that he’s STEALING energy from places he charges at.

    I guess as long as it’s someone else’s money, we should all go green.

  2. Joe Electro

    who has said electric cars have been thought of as unreliable? this is the first i hear of that. of course, they have limited range, but as long as you have power in the batteries, you can rely on them working. in fact electric motors have infinitely more reliability then IC engines.

    you are far to apologetic, electric cars are AWESOME(caps make it true). all the worlds biggest and most powerful engines are electric, sure, they might have some 2000 horsepower diesel engines, but those are only generators. where the power is needed, its electric (see huge front shovelers). Electric motors have been developed for industry since day one, so efficiency, power and reliability has never been the issue.

    however, rest is to my liking ;)

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