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5 responses to “Oriental Hornet Boasts Solar-Powered Stripes”

  1. David Alexander

    Power to the pee pull! (aka xanthopterin)

  2. krishnasamy

    I would like to know more about the latest solar cells,&cheaper solar cell. In Malaysia sun shine is available almost every single day. Unfortunately government is interested on fossil fuel making our earth contaminated. Its very pity we waist the precious energy that mother nature provides ,and Sun is trying to telling us”I’m burning my self to provide abundance of solar energy & bared you from burning fossil fuels which are highly contaminated .

  3. Henry

    The giant clam tridachna gigas has a mantle that is coated in a obligate phtosynthetic algae that the clam absorbs – the baby spats are born with this algae, so that’s a pretty good candidate for sunlight driven animal.

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