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One response to “Could Thorium Be The Key To Safer Nuclear Power?”

  1. D. A. Ryan

    Many of the claims you make regarding the LFTR are simply not supported by the scientific facts. I recently did a review of various advanced nuclear reactor options and it became clear that many of the claimed benefits of the LFTR, promoted by bloggers I would note rather than scientists, simply do not stack up:

    I would further note that existing Gas cooled reactors, which also have the benefits of passive safety technology, can run on thorium also, indeed the Germans did extensive research on just such reactors back in the 70′s and 80′s. If we were to begin using Thorium as a fuel tomorrow it would be a much more sensible choice that LFTR’s as its off the shelf technology.

    The Indians are also experimenting with using Thorium in Heavy water reactors. But in any event Thorium reactors do not get around the fundemental problems of nuclear power. It might help a bit but not by much.

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