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5 responses to “Riverpark: NYC’s Largest Portable Urban Farm [Photos]”

  1. A Kansas City Star

    I’ve been in the planning stage of an indoor garden. By cutting a piece of plywood in two; so I have two pieces of 4′x4′ that I can support with standard 2″x4″ lumber and 4 foot floresent lights I can grow a two tier “square foot” salad garden in a 6′x6′ space. Wheather that space is in the kitchen, living room, spare bedroom, basement or garage is a matter of space alocation and house/apt size. …….Go to your library and look up “Square Foot Gardening” and “Four Season Harvest” and see how easy it can be.

  2. A Kansas City Star

    I forgot to mention I would use 1 foot square planters in my plywood garden. That way each pot takes 1 foot of space and can be moved to allow for plant growth and lighting and harvesting and replanting operations.

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