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One response to “Electro-Magnet Engine Could Give EVs 1,000-Mile Range”

  1. Rob Beresford

    Hi Beth, just curious but how much research did you do on this outfit as it seems to be linked to another bogus outfit calling themselves LaserPowerSystems.

    Some of the claims made here don’t seem to make much sense and looking at their website, it tells you pretty much nothing.

    The 700 mile+ range is impressive but not that impressive. Modern EV’s can do much better than 30-50 mile range, just check out TeslaMotors Model S; which can do upto 300 miles on s single charge.

    Other things that don’t make sense is the direct-drive claim. Can you explain this?
    for now, this pretty much seems like another brushless motor and yes, they have improved massively but they are still brushless motors.

    I looked at their website and they talk of building the controller into the motor, reducing lead length but this is hardly revolutionary. We do it all the time in the R/C world.

    The main claims they seem to be making are exactly the same as any other EV, including the rather misleading, zero-emissions claim which when you look again, is far from true. You still have to charge the battery with electricity, where do you think think that comes from? How about coal/oil fired powerstations? Not that green after all.

    Until all electricity is generated from renewables (or nuclear), it is still far from green.
    Don’t get me wrong, modern EV’s are much more efficient compared to gas-guzzling I.C engines and in addition, they are much more responsive, quieter and I see this all the time with the electric R/C models I fly over the oily nitro-powered models. It’s like comparing a petrol to a diesel, just like petrol, electric is so much more responsive.

    What Advantron claims is nothing new to what we already have but the difference is, TeslaMotors has been doing this for a while now. The 250-300 mile range is not new, began with their Tesla Roadster with its 0-60mph in 3.9secs, 125mph top speed but most importantly, its 245 mile range yet this car has been around for a while now, is not a concept but is very much in full blown production. 30-50 mile range? Those days are long gone.

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