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2 responses to “3 Geeky Essentials For A Zero-Waste Thanksgiving”

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  1. 3 Ways Stay Green And Waste Less This Holiday Season | Crisp Green

    [...] Food waste is a fairly easy issue to rectify. Give people leftovers and doggie bags! I'm sure family and friends will be more than happy to take the leftovers of your famous mac'n'cheese home to the kids. And rather than use plastic bags and contribute to the alarming levels of plastic pollution, have a stash of tupperware that you don't mind not getting back from people and hand those out instead. [...]

  2. Tips for Hosting an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner | Winridge Apartments & Townhomes

    [...] Compost your food waste. It’s easy to do and will ensure that the food you don’t eat won’t go to waste. Besides, the earthworms in your composter will be grateful for the holiday treats. [...]

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