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6 responses to “DIY Kit Allows Plants To Tweet When They’re Thirsty”

  1. Adrian

    This should not be considered a green product. However novel it may be, it is very wasteful. It’s not hard to keep a plant properly watered without resorting to a device made of mined materials, energy expensive construction and probably chemical rich as well. Then drawing power (any small amount is still more than zero) to notify that a single plant needs to be watered.

    Cool, but by no means practical.

  2. coelmay

    I like it, but at the same time, meh!!
    I’m assuming it’s for those who have one, maybe two, precious plants, rather than dozens.

    It appears it is for indoor use only (I make this assumption from the ‘ethernet cable and power outlet’). What about one with “WiFi and Solar powered”? Then I could stick in the vegie patch and wait for a tweet rather than getting my finger dirty testing soil moisture levels. (I kid!)

  3. Abram Nipper

    Really enjoyed this blog post. Fantastic.

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