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2 responses to “Green Gadget Review: Solar Charger”

  1. James

    While I am totally and completely committed to green energy, and companies like changers should succeed, the math doesn’t seem to add up.

    Their website, as of right now, says they’s sold over 1000 “Changers” units and saved just 19KWh of energy. 19 KWh is like leaving a 2-bar heater on for only 8 hours, which is an absolutely tiny amount of energy.

    Either my math is wrong, or I don’t understand their stats, or the entire changers project has currently cost a tonne more in CO2 to produce and ship the devices than they are saving by using them. I hope I’ve made a mistake somewhere, or perhaps it’s just too early in the lifecycle of the project to see the accumulated energy savings…?

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