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2 responses to “Old Shipping Pallets Create A Safe Haven For Refugees”

  1. Linnie Burnett

    I hope these are heat treated pallets and not those treated with lethal chemicals, as many are…

  2. Della Beard

    I think that the pallet housing for refugees sounds like a great idea. However, I am interested in how these designers/builders are dealing with the poisons and chemicals that are used to treat these pallets so as to prevent wood rot and pests. These buildings, even for temporary use, can’t be healthy for the inhabitants. Children will be playing on the floor, food will be put on the wood surfaces and people will be sleeping in close contact with the treated wood. Also, e-coli has been associated with wooden pallets (Tylenol recall).

    This is just something that really concerns me and thought I would ask what is being done.

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