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5 responses to “Seattle’s New Park Will Be Nation’s First Food Forest”

  1. Kelda Miller

    Thanks Beth for the write-up!! I had to smile though, unfortunately no pineapples will be grown at Beacon Food Forest. We can do amazing things with microclimates (making warm spaces for specialty crops), but not quite that amazing.

    I’m one of the teachers that taught at the Permaculture course that hatched the idea for this project. As far as other projects like this, I’m working with a team in Tacoma to implement a food forest somewhere at Swan Creek Park. But the Beacon group is definitely leading the way.

    If anyone would like to learn more about food forests or permaculture, myself and Jenny Pell (one of the designers of the Beacon Food Forest) and others are organizing a Permaculture course in June on Camano Island. More info here:

  2. Kate Gladstone

    Re their non-existent “head gardener making sure no one sonds a few hours weeding … ” — why WOULD a gardener make sure NO ONE was weeding, anyway?

  3. Gilly

    I love this project!

    Have you heard of Incredible Edible, based in Todmorden, UK?

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