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Welcome to Crisp Green

The old way of doing things isn't working and it’s clearwe need to change our thinking about the future.  Luckily, a growing number of innovators are challenging the social norms that stand in the way of change. These scientists, designers, artists, activists and entrepreneurs are pushing society towards a sustainable future.

Crisp Green explores this movement, reporting on  the freshest, crispest new designs, technology, and ideas so you can stay in the loop and ahead of the curve.

Karen MacKay - Writer

Karen is an industrial designer and glass artist currently focusing her work on urban agriculture solutions and habits for urban wildlife. As a designer, her expertise in sustainable design integrates her passion for all things natural and her insatiable desire to create. Karen has worked as a sustainability consultant to various design and architecture firms and is currently continuing to develop a vertical farming device for in-home use.

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Krystal Persaud - Writer

Krystal Persaud is an industrial designer currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She believes industrial design can (and will) revolutionize the fields of sustainability and public health. In 2010, Krystal graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in industrial design. In 2009, she studied in Lund, Sweden and founded “The Closed Loop”, a design research experiment that analyzed how to reduce an individual’s trash output to zero. Krystal has previously worked for the Georgia Sustainability Division under the Department of Natural Resources helping companies reduce their impact on the environment & create a culture of conservation. Most recently, she has developed medical devices for immunization programs in developing countries. She is currently creating a line of biodegradable crafts for children.

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